Danford Lake

Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood


Mont O'Brien

The Mont O'Brien Association is a non-profit official organisation of residents and cottagers in  Danford Lake and the surrounding region.  

What do we do?

Since the year 2000, the public has been able to access Mont O'Brien and nearby lakes by joining the Association.  We organise recreational and educational activities at Mont O'Brien several times per year, for members and guests.  We have created and improved the Mary Haydon Trail to the summit, and kept the access road open. 

We publish semi-annual newsletters, and have established a website, www.montobrienassociation.org

In 2005, we achieved Provisional Biodiversity Reserve Status with the Québec government.  (See our website and the MDDEP website for more information.)

Who can be a member?

Anyone who is interested in outdoor activities and the care of the environment may become a member of the Mont O'Brien Association by application.