Danford Lake

Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood


Veuillez noter que notre site web est présentement hors d'usage. Veuillez consulter notre page Facebook pour toute information concernant les Élections Municipales 2017.

Please note that the schedule for garbage pick-up will change
during the Holidays. The pick-up scheduled for December 25 will be December  27t h  and pick-ups scheduled for  January 1st
and 2nd will be January 3rd and 4th.

Please note that the 2018 Municipal Budget will beadopted on December 19t h at 3:00pm.

Please note that the Municipal office will be closed from December 22n d noon untilJanuary 8t h 2018.
We would like to wish you Happy Holidays!


The municipality of Alleyn & Cawood is a small rural community in the MRC Pontiac and is located 1 hour from Gatineau/Hull.

This community has 170 year-round residents with the population increasing to over 800 during the cottage season.

Many associations are busy all year coordinating activities such as: carnivals, annual Mud Run and incredible Remembrance Day ceremony.

All of these associations are manned by extraordinary dedicated volunteers.

We hope you find this Web Site useful, or better yet, come and visit our little town - the source of our pride.