Danford Lake

Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood

Mayor’s Report

Mayor’s Report 2016
In 2016, there were many changes made to improve our municipality. The approximate surplus this year is $7,000. The Council is also proud to announce that after working on the 2017 budget, the mill rate for municipal taxes will be 1.1313, the same as last year.
·         $25,000 from the provincial government (André Fortin)
·         $167,000 from the Road Grant (MTQ)
·         $2,400 Recyc-Québec
·         $1,209 Fonds Vert
·         $1,100 Summer Student Grant
·         Wage Subsidy by Emploi Quebec
·         Training grant by Emploi Quebec
Some of the accomplishments of 2016:
This year we continued to have weekly garbage pick-up for the rate payers in Cawood Estates and Lake McColgan during the summer months. Large waste pick-up was held for the entire summer. Rate payers can put out large items from April to October.  Also, the library is now open 7 days a week: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
This year the municipality hired a full time building inspector. Also, the municipality hired an employee that will help with road work, garbage pick-up and maintenance of municipal properties. The majority of this employee’s salary is covered by a grant from Emploi Quebec. This year the municipality received the summer student grant to hire one (1) student. And again this year the summer student donated two weeks to help seniors in the community. Council also donated to numerous associations in the municipality.
The Mayor attended to the annual FQM congress along with Councillor Squitti and the Director General. The Mayor is participating in meetings regarding the future of the PPJ trails at the MRC. There is a conversation regarding ATV’s using the trails previously used solely by bicycles. This would help with local businesses. Also, the Mayor, Director General and Administrative Assistant went to a meeting held by the MRC about the project of Biomass. The Mayor and Councillor Salt went to a meeting regarding the new Fire Safety Cover Plan. The Director General participated in  the ADMQ Colloque and the Building Inspector had a 2 day training course on the Regulation of the Q2R22 (waste water for isolated dwellings) and a one day training about invasive species (ABV).  
Regular road maintenance was done this year and gravel was put on Tanner Road, Lauzon Road, Cawood Road and Cawood East Road. Culverts were changed and new ones were installed. In June of 2017, 2.7KM of Harrison road will be paved.
The roof of the Municipal hall was replaced with tin. Also, an inspection was done of the electrical system in the Municipal hall and the Municipal garage. All of the repairs notified in the report were done.
New purchases:
Two benches and flag posts were purchased and installed at Volunteer’s Park. Also, a new database was purchased for the office, PG Acces Territoire. This database will help the administration keep all of the permits and relevant information for each file/ rate payer. The administration is currently working on entering all the data from the previous years in this database. Also, there is a new website that provides information about each property in the Municipality, Gonet. This website is accessible to the public and the link is currently on our website.
I would like to conclude by thanking our many dedicated volunteers who work so hard every year to enhance our Municipality.
Carl Mayer
Mayor of the Municipality of Alleyn & Cawood