Danford Lake

Municipality of Alleyn and Cawood




Smoke alarms


This is a reminder that the MRC adopted on October 25th, a regional bylaw 173-2011 Providing for fire prevention on the territory of the Pontiac MRC. We strongly urge you to consult the bylaw via your fire department, your local council or the website of the MRC under the MRC Services and Public security tabs.


Visit from firefighters


In order to meet the requirements of the fire safety cover plan which was approved by the Minister of Public security, the members of your fire safety service (FSS) will conduct an inspection of all buildings on its territory, at a rate of 20% per year for residential buildings. This is supported by the Fire safety act, s 32 and Bylaw 173-2011, Art 4.6. We invite you to provide access to firefighters who have to verify your smoke alarms and do an inspection of fire safety elements, such as storage, access to exits, evacuation plans, combustion appliances and when required, portable fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide alarms. Take the opportunity to ask them question, they are there for your safety.


Measures to come


In order to provide adequate protection of its territory, the MRC will have to take additional measures to ensure better coverage of areas where response time is critical for the fire safety services and in some cases difficult or impossible to access. You will be notified of these changes.

Obviously, these steps are taken to ensure the safety of all in the interest of the community.


Call to 9-1-1


If you must place an emergency call to the call center, be sure to specify the exact name of the municipality where the incident is occurring. This will save precious minutes and will send the appropriate fire safety service for the intervention. For example J&J Gas bar is located in Clarendon and not in Shawville.